The Anglican Issue

  • This past week has seen some extraordinary steps taken against the Episcopal Church of the United States by the Anglican Communion within the Church of England (1). The Church of England and the Anglican Communion have suspended the voting rights of the Episcopal Church USA within the Anglican Communion for 3 years because it had voted to allow same sex marriage within the church, This was further exacerbated when it elected its first openly Gay Bishop in 2003. This move isolates the Episcopal Church USA from any decision making votes that have anything to do with the polity of the Anglican Communion and the same restrictions within the Interfaith commissions. To most people who would read this writ, this would mean nothing at all. To old school Episcopalians this has a great meaning of disenfranchisement. To the new more liberal minded Episcopalians, this is a move that may or may not have much meaning depending on their stand on the LGBT issues which are very prevalent and controversial in the United States in the 21st century.

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    January 24, 2016