Healing Prayers

  • When we think of the saying "Gods Healing" what comes to mind for you? Well for the longest time my thought was " if I pray for healing or lay hands for healing, God will heal them" In a great many cases that was indeed true. But I came to realize that in a great many cases said persons died. So I took it upon myself to do a little research as to why the later happened. Through meditation and speaking with a few families who had received prayers and laying on of hands for their deceased loved one and what led up to those deaths, I decided to have a talk with God. I explained what my research had produced in my mind. I had a little experience as one of those whom I researched. Hmmmm you say, you researched yourself? Please allow me to explain.
    When I was 20 I was living in New York, My older brother (by 6 years) lived in Florida near my parents. He was knocked off the back of his dump truck, and his neck was broken. He was paralyzed from the neck down, and only had his diaphragm to breathe with so he was on ventilation as well. My parents were visiting me in New York for the summer when they received the call. We immediately left for Florida. My parents were devastated as one would think, him being not only their child, but their first born. I ended up driving straight thru about 20 hours to allow my parents time to collect themselves before we arrive at the hospital. To be honest, the news was grim, but not hopeless. When I saw him the first time, I went numb…Then I went to the chapel and prayed. My sister was on her way from New York and would arrive in about 24 hours. Between the time we first arrived and my sister arrived my brother flat lined 3 times and was revived because he had no DNR or living will. And I prayed to God to heal my brother and help my parents. After my sister arrived, the doctor got us all together and spoke of his condition and lack of directives and asked my parents what they should do the next time he coded. They were numb and looked to me. I asked the doctors to give me a few minutes and returned to the chapel. I asked God what should I do, and He told me. God told me, I will heal him, but he must come home to Me…. That was an Epiphany for me. The thought that my parents would also heal also came to me. So I prayed. I prayed to God to heal my brother, and my parents.

    Back to the present… Through my research, I have talked to many people who have prayed to God for their loved ones to be healed from one malady or another. In some cases they were indeed healed, and in some cases they passed. Those whose loved ones were healed were overjoyed that they were allowed to have more time to spend with them. Those whose loved one had passed, about 50% were relieved that their suffering had ended by their death, the rest were angry at God for taking their loved ones by taking them away. I’ve had a chance over the years to speak with some of these folks and tell them my views on how the death of their loved ones was actually God healing them. I also explained that God also was healing them too. That bought me some looks… I would ask what affect their loved ones illness had on them and others. When I explained how by God healing their loved one by taking them home to be with Him, he healed them. By God taking their loved one home God started the healing process for their family. Because God removed the burden on the family, the family will heal.

    Rd Pickett © 2016