Nothing is without making an effort

  • Nothing is without making an effort

    "He [ John] came as a witness , to bear witness of the Light, that all might believe through him" (Jn1,7).

    The figure of John the Baptist, which marks each of our Advent is unavoidable. It must go through John to believe in Jesus. To prepare the way of the Lord, John calls to convert. For real.

    Without opening the umbrella of our ancestors that they were very religious, "No, Father, I do not go to mass and I do not read the Bible, but I have a great uncle and a Jesuit grandmother often goes to church!" Blessed be the great-uncle and grandmother, but they can not do the job .

    "Produce fruit that expresses your conversion", says John (Mt3,8).

    At a time when we prepare to celebrate the coming of Christ among mankind, do not dream of a conversion pumpkin, a change that would be a magic wand and that would cost us nothing. The Saviour does not magically transform us.

    John calls us to put our lives in order to prepare ourselves to receive the one who "baptizes us in the Holy Spirit and fire." The reception of the Word made flesh through the reception of the Word comes to us through Moses and the Prophets. As St. Paul says: "The God of patience and courage gave us the holy books to teach us, so that we might have hope through perseverance and courage that gives Scripture."

    So do not flee from the coming wrath by ignoring our sins. In the light of Scripture, listening to the call of the Baptist," produce fruit that expresses our conversion."