A Note to All Haters

  • A Note to All Haters

    Haters, I don't hate you because Jesus is in me and I choose to agree with His way of doing things. Hate divides good and consolidates bad. If you are a hater, you have probably found other like minded Haters that enjoy hating with you.

    Jesus said, "I didn't come to bring peace, but a sword". Jesus didn't come to unify all types, He came to separate some types from other types. He came to bring together all who love the truth, and to divide from them all who hate the truth.

    God established the church, not man. Men have often perverted what God established by not following what He said. God gave to the church prophets, teachers, pastor's, evangelist etc... for the perfecting of the Saints. Some have decided to reject God's gift of pastors and teachers because they don't think that they need them; therefore they have become "Church hating Christians"... still, it's just another form of hate.

    Some people don't reach out to the lost unless the lost look like them; Haters.... God's Kingdom doesn't have room for Haters. There are some who lived a fairly squeaky clean life and then got saved, but some of them don't have any love for the prostitute or the drug addict... They are not demonstrating the love of Christ.

    Some were drug addicts and prostitutes and now that they are saved, but they only have an interest in ministering to others who are "like" them. Some think that they have a better testimony and a deeper relationship with God because they came from a much darker place then the average person. They have no love for the clean cut law abider, they think that hell is a good place for them... They too are Haters.

    Some think that everyone outside of church is a backslider and an evil doer; while some who have rejected church and the leadership of a pastor, hate church, hate accountability, and call those who do go to church, "Phonies"... They too are Haters. Some only preach to those of their own race, own nationality, own wealth bracket, own common issues...

    If you keep back the gospel from rich, poor, black, white, male, female, based on those criteria; then how can you claim that the love of Christ is in you? If people who say they know Jesus would begin to treat others like Jesus would, then guess what? The world would begin to see that Jesus really is alive and in us.

    "For they shall know that you are Christians by the love you have for one  another". You don't have to be a gang banging, foul mouthed, church hating punk to prove you are "real". You don't have to be a starched shirt, cuff link wearing, Bible quoting bigot to be a Christian either. You need to be like Christ.