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This is for all of the members.  As you all can see,  we have a pretty darn good Admin team.  When Father Carl was here,  he was like an assistant to me because he has run other sites so if I am unavailable he and the rest of the Admins could do the daily running of the site.  I would like to announce that Pastor Taz has now become my new assistant and Admin.  This does not mean that he has any more rights then the other Admins.  All Admins have the same access.  Since some Admins are away and the Holidays are coming up Pastor Taz has been a big help to me while I have been ill.  There will be no changes in job duties as outlined in the Admin Group.  Any member who needs help can contact any Admin for help.  I need all of my Admins I have now to keep things running but Pastor Taz is online most of the time which helps.  Thank you for your understanding.  Show more